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The UX researchers at Design for Lucy provide expert usability evaluations and user experience consulting services. The assessment of a product, website or business application interface from a UX perspective can be used to identify usability pitfalls within just a few days and rework the design based on the best practices.

User-Centred Design

User-centred design is at the heart of our business. We rely on user-centred design methods to take into account the wide range of users and the contexts in which they use a particular system, as part of our development process. These methods apply both to product innovations and the development of new services (both physical and virtual), as well as to optimising business applications. They make development fool-proof and are intrinsically innovative in and of themselves.

Usage studies

In order to assist our clients, we need to know how their products or services are used in real life. And occasionally there is a world of difference between what users say they do and what they actually do. As a result, we use study methodology ranging from simple to complex, from ethnography to eye tracking, to observe what users are really doing (their behaviour), rather than gathering information based on what they say they do (their attitudes).


Interfaces can be tested with users at every step of their design. This does not require to write a single line of code: we create wireframes and mock-ups using dedicated tools and software.
Mock-ups serve primarily for user testing. They can be improved upon, in light of the test results and delivered in a functionally advanced form that helps the understanding of the specs by the development teams.


Design for Lucy is a UX research & consulting firm that has been operating independently since 2001

Design for Lucy offer inbound, outbound and local UX and CX expertise and consultancy services. We conduct user test, user research and user-centred design.

We have achieved over 500 user research projects in France and abroad since our creation in 2001.



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Extensia Design for Lucy conducts many in-person and remote tests on tech products. If you would like to be invited to participate in such tests and studies, register now on the Consovoice website of Extensia Design for Lucy.