Heuristic evaluations, also called expert reviews, consist in reviewing all pages of an UI to detect usability problems as well as identify possible usability improvements. Heuristic evaluations are also called expert reviews. The evaluation can cover many aspects of the studied interface including those defined by our client or proposed by us based on our experience with 15 years of UI evaluations. evaluating its design against good practices, norms (ISO 9241, 210French AFNOR Z67, W3C) usability criteria and evaluation principles (Bastien & Scapin, Nielsen’s).

They have been formalized by Jacob Nielsen usability principles :

  • System Status Understanding,
  • System’s Fit with the Real World,
  • User Control and Freedom,
  • Consistency and Standards
  • Help User Recognize, Diagnose and Recover from Errors,
  • Prevention against Mistakes,
  • Recognition Rather Than Recall,
  • Flexibility and Use Efficiency,
  • Aesthetic and Minimalist Design,
  • Help and Documentation.

Heuristic Evaluations use the prototype of the UI and they can be conducted at different stages of the prototyping process.

  • Initial stage of prototyping to ensure its overall usability: information architecture and navigation principles,
  • regularly along the prototyping process,

Advanced prototype to achieve a complete and detailed evaluation.

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