Wordings are a major component of user experience. Their impact goes far beyond the understanding and the usability of a user interface.

Experiencing a user interface is experiencing a brand. Wordings therefore have an impact on brand image. Depending on the tone you use, the vocabulary you choose, the way you address users, visitors quickly make up their own image of your brand. Through more or less distance, more or less consideration, more or less engagement, users make up whom you are and how much you are willing to help them.

Wordings have an impact on trust. A problem with the quality or the accuracy of a translation, a few hackneyed idioms are enough to dissuade a potential customer from completing their purchase on your online store.

For sure, wording also has an impact on usability. Choosing action verbs, using wording easy to project into, making a clear difference between the locutor and the addressee… All this makes the browsing of a user interface easy or not, clear or not, and at the end engaging or not.

Once users have made up their mind about the user experience your interface provides, you hardly change this. Do you know why? Because replacing an information in someone’s memory requires ten times more energy than adding an information in an available part of someone’s memory. In other words, translating an interface into French is a serious work of specialists. We have a dedicated team for this.

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