Focus Group Discussions are the right method to test concepts, ads, marketing addressing B2C targets…. They are also adequate to explore expectations, compare market actors. Focus Group Discussions make it possible to work on acceptability, appeal & attractiveness, positioning, competition, customers’ expectations, segmentation (FGD do not replace quantitative segmentation analysis but provide a qualitative view on how the market could segment), expected support… We can sketch the whole picture around a service, would this service would be just a concept or already existing in the market. Quant can be use afterwards to clarify and detail the view.

As any research methods, Focus Group Discussions need to be accurately organized and carried out. Recruitment, hosting, translation, discussion guide, moderation and analysis: everything has to be ready on D-day. We know the good venues in major European and French cities, we know the good recruiters, we brief and supervise them carefully. We have a very long experience of preparing focus group, we know what you can expect from them, what shouldn’t, we know how to write scripts, how to moderate, analyze and report.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your next qualitative research projects in France or Europe, or if you have any questions about Focus Group Discussions, please contact us.