Analytics (Google, Adobe…) can be used to prepare and guide usability and user experience research further, as they help pointing out users’ actual behaviors while using your UIs: paths they use, where they leave, where they stay… Analytics help understand where to look at in the UI to improve UX.

Analytics can also be used after qualitative research to complete the understanding of users’ behaviors.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative surveys allow to gather actual figures in the markets about image and awareness, usage & attitudes, usage and consumption behaviors, to sketch your market, conduct segmentation analysis, identify emerging competitors.

Online Surveys – CAWI

Internet has become a valid data collection technique. It is constantly providing new and exciting possibilities that we can take advantage of to help our customers improve their knowledge of their own customers.

Online surveys makes research accessible in terms of budget, they push geographical barriers back, reduce data collection duration, promote interaction with the respondents and allow to use sophisticated multimedia.

Short turn-around time

In most cases, an online survey can be completed in just a few days. The time saved is considerable in the case of large samples.

Available Respondents

Respondents take part when they are available inducing higher response rates compared with other data collection techniques.

Accurate targeting

Online surveys allow to screen and interview accurate consumer profiles, including with low penetration rate.

Unlimited data collection capacity

Online surveys make it possible to process great numbers of questionnaires from many markets all over the planet.

Endless Options

Online survey tools can show pictures, texts, play music or video, get direct feedback. The interactive nature of the Internet gives free rein to the imagination of those creating the questionnaires and also allows the respondents to express themselves in different ways.

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