Over 500 user research projects carried out!

Since 2001 in Paris, France!

International User Research Specialists (and Fans)!

Bespoke Qualitative Research Experts.


We love user research and we do it well.

Since 2001, we carry out user research projects with an intact passion in France, all over Europe and in many markets worldwide including Asia, America, BRICS…

Our Motto: Experience, Flexibility, Cognitive Empathy, Rigorous Analysis & Observation, Actionable Recommendations.

Since 2001!

Such a long experience led us to conduct research projects in most industries: online retail, finance, travel, social networks, IT… and to interview targets of consumers as well as professionals.

We acquired conducted remote and on-site user research projects in 20 markets in Europe, Asia & Middle East, America, Africa and Oceania.

User Testing

We offer a wide panel of research methods and are true specialists of international user testing. We carried out hundreds of user testing projects and moderated thousands of user testing sessions.

Focus Group Discussions are a fruitful method for different types of projects: Concept Tests, Communication Tests, Assets Tests… Collective Workshops are also used for Ideation. We have moderated hundreds of focus group discussions.

UX Translation

We learned from the many international user testing projects we carried out how difficult it is for a foreign company to have a French version with only positive impact on the UX. We learned and learn every day from the same projects the
translation and wording best practices. This is why we offer specific UX translation services toward French from English and Chinese.

Cognitive Empathy

Individual Interviews and their variants are used to gather usage and attitude, requirement analysis, ethnographic approach… Individual interviews are also used for B2B research.


Qualitative User Research and Findings.

We never lose from sight that the most useful components of a research project are the Findings. We design methods and estimate costs to cover all the topics our customers want to tackle, no more, no less.

Efficiency also means fast-delivered and relevant: we turn observation and interviews into Actionable Recommendations.


Short Cases

One of the major social networks decided to make it possible for users to create small online-stores on the platform and/or add links to products inside videos. They launched the features in a few markets around the world and wanted to learn more about European user […]
The financial branch of one of the world’s leading automotive groups has decided to redesign the interface of the financing application for all internal users. We interviewed more than 30 group employees to gather their needs for improving the current UI and their expectations about future […]

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Arnaud Laisné

General manager

Arnaud achieved a post-graduate in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology with a specialty in Cross-Cultural Psychology and manager of Design for Lucy.


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