If you need to carry out user research projects in France or Europe but your are located on the other side of the planet, you someone a team you can rely on, someone who cares as much as you do, someone who knows how to setup and carry out international research projects.

We are used to working with teams located in Shanghai, Seattle, Tokyo, Koeln, Milan, Los Angeles, London. Each of these teams have their own cultures, habits, expectations. And they all have in common to require clear and regular reporting, flexibility, pro-activeness, anticipation.

We provide full-service research as well as added-value fieldwork services in France, most European markets and nearly worldwide. We are true specialists of international research projects. They require some specific services for which we have identified and regular partners: simultaneous interpreters, transcripts and material translation professionals, etc…

Inbound Projects

Many of our customers are UX agencies or companies based far away from France who need a reliable partner in France mainly, but also Spain, Italy, Germany… Whatever your research project is, wherever you want sessions to take place, remote or in-hall, would you attend in person or observe remotely, we’ll prepare this for you, all will be set on d-day and we will roll out your project seamless.

Outbound and Multi-Country Projects

Multi-country projects require a specific organization. We have a long experience of coordinating multi-country projects have a network of stable partners in many countries worldwide, including most of European key markets: Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the United-Kingdom…

If you want to know more, please contact us.