The financial branch of one of the world’s leading automotive groups has decided to redesign the interface of the financing application for all internal users.

We interviewed more than 30 group employees to gather their needs for improving the current UI and their expectations about future functionalities of the new UI:

=> The different profiles of users among the car dealership networks of the group: sales persons, managers, administrative staff;

=> The users working within the financial branch of the group: employees who support dealer with the expertise, personnel responsible processing financing requests, personnel releasing financing, archiving and monitoring them, etc.

The results of the project listed below helped the PO to plan, budget, allocate resource for the new development and to rapidly fix most important usability issues to the existing UI:

=> General functional definition diagram: major functional groups and main functionalities, prioritization and consolidation of information, monitoring and alerting functionalities, information exchange;

=> The main expectations of users in terms of UX and UI;

=> Ergonomic difficulties and functional shortcomings to be resolved as a priority on existing interfaces.



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