One of the major social networks decided to make it possible for users to create small online-stores on the platform and/or add links to products inside videos. They launched the features in a few markets around the world and wanted to learn more about European user before the rollout of the features within the European Community.

We have carried out a study to help our client gain knowledge about usage and expectations of influencer, online merchants and social network users. Mixing B2B interviews, individual interviews in an ethnographic approach and focus group discussions, the study helped the social network to define specific features, prepare the promotion of the new online sales features…

Influencers: Understand their expectations, how, when, what they post practices on different platforms, how they collaborate decide to collaborate or not with brands, what conditions they expect: business model, conditions, posting frequency, freedom in content creativity, etc.

Users: understand their uses of social networks and their online shopping habits, understand the attractiveness of the concept of online sales on a social platform, the expected conditions: prices, services, delivery times, return conditions , etc.;

Merchants: understand the uses of online merchants, the attractiveness of the new offer and the expected conditions: delivery conditions, returns, ancillary services, access prices…



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